Thursday, January 22, 2009

reading list 2008: final edition

i don't want this blog to come to an end before i finish the reading list of 2008 - not that anyone cares but i need to keep a list for my own piece of mind. "taught by america" - sarah sentilles

a friend recommended i read this book after i found out i'll be teaching for the next two years. it is such a great book and mind-boggling at the same time. sentilles was raised in houston/dallas, went to yale, then did TFA in compton (LA) in the mid-90s. the program was still developing so the training and staff assitance are not what it it today, but the book did freak me out a little. it also fully charged my batteries and i CANNOT wait to be in the classroom. i think even if teaching wasn't on my radar, i would have enjoyed reading it because it is eyeopening to reform america's public education system needs. maggots in the classroom? no printer paper or books? no grass at the playground? no way to teach a child simple math? children in 3rd grade that don't know the alphabet?

something has to be done. reading this book is a start.

"the shack"
william p. young

this book ties with "here if you need me" for the best book i read in 2008. i heard alot about this book this summer, people that absolutely loved it and people that criticized it for being in no way biblical.

i'm no bible expert, by any stretch, but it seemed pretty right on to me. this book is AWESOME. it helped me redefine by expectations and desire for heaven. it opened my eyes to the power of the trinity. i think it will be a book that i read annually and walk away with a completely new lesson learned or insight observed.

"love walked in"
marisa de los santos
i bought this on a whim in a used bookstore in dupont circle. i knew nothing of the author, but it looked great, and really, who never judges a book by its cover??

anyways, its overly cheesy at first but the characters and the writing are brilliant and will leave you warm and fuzzy. its written with more charm and actual literary techniques than most beach reads, so i highly recommend for girls who are looking for a good book to read on the airplane.

"putting the amazing back into grace"
michael horton

read this as part of a bible study at church on grace and predestination. really really good, and not over-your-head intellectually. definitely borrow mine or read it on your own.

"gift of the magi"
o. henry
its about 12 pages long so this doesn't really count as a book, but i read it every christmas. if you've never read it you should march to your nearest barnes&noble and read it in the store. it'll take you five minutes and it must be done!! :)
i wrote a thesis paper on this book in high school, and can tell you from research - its brilliant.

well, that wraps it up. happy reading in 2009. and, as you can tell, i'm a bit of a bookworm. (if you need to know what a bookworm is please visit kimbo ginning's blog.) so feel free to send me a list of books you think i should read this year. currently working on "paris to the moon." just finished "letter to my daughter" by maya angelou. two thumbs way up.

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