Friday, January 16, 2009

i'm terrible at goodbyes

Well, the job is over. I've been kicked out. I'm technically on payroll until the clock strikes noon on inauguration day, then all of george dubya's peeps are out and obama's are in. so consider me out.

instead of talking about all the people i've said goodbye to or the things i've learned in this job and in dc, i'm going to...

direct you to some other blogs!! next week, i hope to sit in a fun dc coffee shop and reflect on the madness and the changes about to take place. (in my life. not politics. enough about barack - lets talk just kidding. well sort of.)

a few of the regulars i read:

oh first let me say that i link to the right on this page the people i personally know & love and you should already have clicked on their blogs and be following them. so this list is a list of the "famous" bloggies out there, interior designers, randoms, and i don't really know any of them.

habitually chic (interior designer, love to look at the pictures)

absolutely beautiful things (an aussie designer - trying to find a way for her to give me a job. i'm a great babysitter, we can trade free room & board for my services??)

you are my fave (definitely MY fave. this chick is BRILLIANT. if i was on a desert island with internet access and could only follow one blog this would be it.)

black eiffel (so visual, so inspirational, so great)

pioneer woman (true story, lady living in oklahoma. caitlin e. hodges found this and directed it to me. read the love story. right NOW)

stuff christians like. (laugh out loud funny. surprisingly deep insights on the christian faith. if the author wasn't married i'd be sending him emails, cookies, love notes...)

i love you more than blank (in time for valentines day. i love all my dear friends/readers even more than these blogs.)

well i'm sure that's enough for now. i hope you like these blogs (if you're a dude you might not, ie dad) but be sure to wander back to this district soon.

wishing you health, happiness, and warmth from this district. for a few more days!!!

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