Tuesday, January 6, 2009

how do you spell MUSKOX??

i generally don't blog about work, because its

a) silly and who really cares and b) its not really professional.

but today, i got a phone call that was too good to not share with whoever wants to know. an excerpt from the convo:

hi, this is courtney."

"hi, i'm calling from the martha stewart show. we need a silhoutte of a muskox before the end of today please, our deadline is very tight."
i'm speechless. rare for me, i know.

"um, sure, i'm on my way to a meeting but let me get your name and number and i'll call you back within the next hour."

one hour later:
"muskox, yes, do you mind spelling that? i'm unfamiliar with the term."

"sure, no problem. [she spells it.] we need a silhoutte for an upcoming show we're doing."

we go through the process of who this lady had spoken with earlier that day, etc. Turns out my employeer occasionally provides file photos for media members when photos are unavailable via internet for free.

five minutes later i call back..."yes, martha? turns out we do not have any muskoxen silhoutte photos at this time. i'm sorry. have a lovely day."

so later i googled this muskox thing. its a descendant of the wooly mammoth, closer to the goat and sheep family than an ox, typically docille unless its mating season, when the male gets extremely aggressive and charges everything in sight. (its named for the odor that emits from the male, a stinky "musk") my dad is right when he says you learn something new everyday!

turns out their wool is EXTREMELY valuable. $40-$80 per ounce! so, my friend bonnie and i are going to raise these muskoxen and harvest their wool. i figure with a herd of just two or three we could make at least $10,000 our first spring. split three ways between us and our "chief of public relations, photography, and other random things" justus anderson, we'll be millionaires in no time.
plus we'll reside on the frozen tundra of alaska or canada and live the good life. you can't put a price on happiness, can you?

my top three name choices for my muskox?

vladimir. katelynn. and carrietta.


bonnie w. said...

brettifer. done.

muskoxen=plural muskox. who knew?!

The Neelys said...

hahaha this just made my morning! I've never heard of a muskox either. Are you sure this wasn't Caitlin prank calling you at work?