Monday, July 28, 2008

to quote the famous billy knox

well, if you're thinking to yourself, who is billy knox, you should find out. he was one of my closest guy friends in high school (background: he rode with our family to colorado for spring break senior year, and he not only rubbed his HUGE feet on my face but told my dad to roll down the window or stop the car due to gentry's gas. brilliant. apparently i am a freak of nature for never having a crush on him, unlike 94% of the rest of memorial high.)

anywho, i'm sitting at jazz in the park eating bread & hummus, drinking wine with two former aggies, caitlin h. and joe caulkins. (he's pretty cool, too.) anywho, joe, class of '06, is talking about how his friend billy is coming to join us, cailtin is like "you know billy, he's going to the peace corps, really cute guy from a&m." and i said "nope, don't know billy. guess i'll meet him." about twenty minutes later, we're on a completely different topic, and i randomly yell out "ooooooh! BILLY KNOX! I KNOW HIM!" so billy was surprised to see me, we reminisced at dinner, he was leaving for bulgaria sunday afternoon. for two years. as part of the peace corps. to save the world. billy, so proud of you!!

long story short, caitlin and i were glued to the hip from friday at 5 pm until sunday morning around 2 am. we went out to georgetown friday night to show billy the dc nightlife, and it was weird. to have fulltime jobs, to be legally able to buy alcohol, to be paying (most) of our own bills. weird.

i'll cut to the chase - saturday night cailtin and i cooked dinner (mainly caitlin cooked and i poured more wine) - we made sangria from scratch. jerry jeff would have been so proud. and joe iced a cake for billy - it said "we will try to miss you billy" in bright blue a 4th grader could have done this icing. of course he loved it.

we toured the monuments - 4 bottles of wine later, including 2 nalgenes full of sangria to go. it was so fun to lay down at the base of the washington monument with our feet in the air - and to wander around the wwII memorial, and the lincoln, and then over to the white house. (by the end i was WHINING that i had to go to the bathroom and my flip flops were rubbing blisters and wa wa wa. the good thing about good friends is they don't listen to half the stuff you say, otherwise i would have been annoying.

i was very inspired by billy "obnoxious" knox this weekend. here is he, all the opportunities in the world, and he chooses to make no money and move to former USSR for 2 years. they don't speak english, they probably don't brush their teeth too much, and its faaaaar away. just thinking about it made me appreciate america.

joe, who is absolutely hilarious without knowing it, asked billy about his life mantra. then he told us the background story of the "mantra" issue. billy told joe at lunch one day recently, in houston: "you only get one shot at life, don't eff it up." except he didn't say eff.

joe's mantra is: "hide the women and the silver, here comes joe caulkins."

caitlin's: "i don't need a freakin' life mantra." (this was after a little sangria.)

not quite my mantra, but definitely my new voicemail: (creepy sidenote, caitlin and i yelled in unison, without knowing what the other was going to say, part b. after a lot of together time apparently our minds work as one.) "ello, you have reached courtney robinson. you may either a) leave a wickedly brilliant message, or b) shut the eff up." not my classiest moment, but still, funny. and i was in my british character. eff means nothing to them over there.

august will be here by the end of the month. i ask you, where the eff has the time gone!?!

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Caitlin said...

HAHAHA... Courtney Robinson. I just laughed out loud and work reading your blog. And thanks for appreciating me today. I appreciate you most days.