Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Leavin'...On a Jet Plane! (but i know when i'll be back again)

texas, our texas, all hail the mighty state!

well, in less than 24 hours i will have touched down in the great city of HOUSTON! little known fact : 88% city of Houstonians recently surveyed would list their city as the best city to live in in the nation.
if i were the POTUS, or a cabinet secretary, on my schedule next to arrival in Houston it would say RON. (not a code name for my attractive boyfriend. nor is it my code name for my security agents. it stands for Remaining OverNight) REMAINING OVER NIGHT IN TEXAS!!

on sunday i realized it was actually this week that i was leaving for tejas - and i thought, it's about time. but then i realized i'd been in town at the end of june, so its only been 6 weeks. seems like forever though.

anyways, understatement that i'm excited to be going, excited to see the fam, and pretty pumped to walk across the stage at TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY. it really really doesn't feel like its over. i still feel like i'm on an internship and someday soon i'll be back to sleeping in late, staying up til 2 or 3, and the number 1 thing on my to-do list for the weekend is a football game. i only spent 4 semesters in college station: because i had a year and a half in fort worth, a half year interning at the white house. somedays i feel like my days at aggieland sprinted by, other days i forgot that i was even a transfer.

all i know is if you would have told me 5 years ago i'd be graduating from texas A&M i'd have laughed in your FACE. yet i can't imagine it any other way. its what my mom and i like to call "a god thing." totally planned by God. Maybe i'm another way to point to the existence of God - "well, see, God has to be real. there is no other power that could have moved c.robinson from a burnt-orange bleeding, longhorn t-shirt wearing, major applewhite lovin high school student to a member of the twelfth man fightin texas aggie!!!

i learned its not always just about the school though in terms of faculty or curriculum - or the colors, ew maroon? really? - its about the people. i won't ramble on forever, but the people at texas A&M are why i loved it - the feeling of standing in the football stands, with people who really care about who you are, who care about what's happenin on the field, people that stand for loyalty and hard work and are genuine and laid back. sure, some of them are rude. some of them have one life goal: get drunk, and look ridiculous doing it. some of them cheat on tests. but in general, the 40,000 strong that make up texas A&M today are fun, down-to-earth, salt of the earth people.

i'm still happy with life in DC. more than happy. laid by the pool this weekend (the public pool in georgetown. sign said, and i cannot make this up: "all rashes must be inspected by physician before entering water." it was GREAT to go swimming!! i also cooked veggies from the USDA farmers market. shopped. did a bible study with caitlin. hiked in the woods. rode my bicycle to teddy roosevelt island. (we have woods here!) slept.

oh! and last night was screen on the green. nothing like shirley maclain and jack lemmon projected on a giant screen with the capitol glowing in the background. only in this city!

this has been a rambling of thoughts. i'll report back after family time, graduation, a fun wedding, and LOTS more family time on the lake. i'm sure i'll cry to board the plane in houston and jump for joy when i land in the district. its only a year and i'm going to make the most of it. this week, i won't quote billy knox. i'll quote davy crockett:

"You may all go to hell, and i will go to TEXAS!"

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