Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i'm happy for barack obama

its true, i'm pretty conservative. except for environmental policy and a handful of other issues, i side with the right. i stand up and fight for the right. but today, i am happy for barack obama.

it gives me goosebumps to hear people on the news talk about how they would never ever thought they would see the day that a black man would have a 50/50 chance to be our nation's highest leader. i think that's AWESOME. yay for america.

but i do not agree with barack obama on any issue. i don't agree with him on healthcare, the war, foreign or domestic policy. i don't agree with him that he is the answer to the change america needs. i do not agree with the way he has used faith to win votes - and then pretended he didn't use it when that came back to bite him.

i do not agree with osama- oops i mean obama- on much. but his wife is beautiful, so maybe if i ever get to meet him we can talk about that.

i'm a huge george w. bush supporter. for too many reasons to list here. he's made bad decisions, he's had horrible press coverage, he has grammar problems. but just because our president is not perfect (and WHO is, i ask you) does not mean we should switch parties or just not vote in this election.

john mccain. two words people. look at his stance on issues. look at his heart. look at his leadership record. he's ready for 4 years to take America to the next election. Maybe, by then, Obama won't be as raging liberal or as inexperienced. Maybe, in 2012, Barack won't be screaming "change" with no idea of how to accomplish that. Maybe, in 2012, Barack will have more than 2 years experience as a senator.

And maybe Romney/Rice will be ready for office. who knows?

For now I leave you with this: Hats off to Barack Obama. Now get out there & vote McCain.

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