Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chesapeake Bay (a bay bay)

This past weekend my mom and i relaxed in Maryland. Driving over the Bay Bridge was an experience! whew. we made it before it fell in though.

The sailboats were incredible. The food was good. The conversation was great. Being with my mom -doing anything, from dancing to talking to driving to fabric shopping to going to the movies- is one of my very favorite things in the world. She's so funny, rarely cares what others think of her (ie dancing with a hilarious band in Maryland) and always takes the time to care about others.

She called me at work on Friday while she was out and about in DC to tell me a homeless woman was hugging and kissing her because she'd stopped to give her money. Now, most people in DC never give money to the homeless. Largely because there are countless shelters willing to help them and you can donate there. But, not my mom.

We looked at boats, we people watched, we read books/magazines, we went for walks. We talked about my dad and made fun of him quite frequently. We talked about the time we went sailed in Florida on my dad's dad's boat.

Watching it rain on the bay was awesome. First, you could smell the rain coming in. Then, you could hear and see it. Then, the water was still as the rain let up and the lightning rolled in.

I think, if some guy under the age of 40, were to ring my doorbell (I don't technically have one but that's beside the point) and ask me to marry him and sail around the world on his boat with him, I'd say, how long to I have to pack? I hope he looks like Kevin Costner in "Message in a Bottle." I hope the boat is long and has huge white sails and is covered in wood. I hope the seas are never rough, that we never drown (or run aground) and that it only rains and lightnings when we're anchored in port.

Oh, and I hope that he likes girls with crazy hair. Because that's one thing my mom and I quickly remembered about ourselves- our hair goes more than a little crazy in 100% humidity.

*currently i cannot upload photos but when i can i will. to whoever reads this: go find another blog. there's plenty out there better than mine. try "stuff white people like." it'll be a book in july.

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