Friday, May 23, 2008

"its not my first time"

Well, just got back from dinner with two great friends who i would not know if it weren't for this district. LJ and HS are hilarious, insightful, and aggies, which means i love them even more. mary alice warner, my favorite aggie in all of creation (more commonly known as the northgate champion) left us a gift certificate to old ebbitts when she left for nursing school/abandoned me forever.

anywho, long story short, her money was well spent on wine and other things. we decided we would split a dessert and when i asked the waiter what his favorite was, he launched into this story about an off-the-menu creation that sounded divine. so, as he left our table to place our order for this brownie creation, i said, "you're good at this." and he said, i kid you not, in the cockiest voice ever "its not my first time."

needless to say the three of us cracked up. hilarious. i'm sure we'll be saying that for the rest of our lives.

its the beginning of a 3-day weekend here in dc, sure to be wonderful. i'm sure i'll have something to say about my new bike soon, so stay tuned.

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